About Spel Design

SPEL DESIGN is Simon Luciow.

Simon has been in the business of design, exhibits, trade shows and signs for 30 years.

SPEL DESIGN is now based in Melbourne, Victoria – Australia for the last 7 years. Current work involves a broad range of projects:  Installation of artworks in museums, public spaces, galleries, private businesses and residences; Installation of signs in public spaces for various municipalities and Parks Victoria; Installation of corporate signs in Melbourne and Adelaide;  Development of furniture and practical objects from steel and recycled materials.

Previous to that Simon was in Denver, Colorado – USA for 12 years, where Spel Design was started to focus on the development of work in welded steel for various architectural applications, from residential to commercial. At all times Simon maintained a hands-on approach to work, from design development of projects, through to their manufacture and installation – undertaking all aspects on a solo basis wherever possible.

This continues today, though occasionally teaming with other professionals where different skills or just more hands are needed. Simon has a small workshop in western Melbourne, but is fully mobile to install state wide – and often works on projects in Adelaide, South Australia. Work has also involved projects lasting days to weeks in Sydney and Brisbane.

Before the USA, Simon was based in Sydney, NSW for a few years mainly designing exhibitions and trade shows – and before that was in Adelaide, SA, also working in exhibitions – his main job being the original graphic designer in the SA Maritime Museum in Port Adelaide.