Security Doors


Design, manufacture and install of security doors for the Lion’s Club Hall in Carisbrook, Victoria.

The brief was to make new security doors for the entrance of the hall. They were to be kept simple, but to incorporate a lock and handle – and if possible to have the lion’s Club “L” in the design.

Made from new steel flat bars and heavy tube, powdercoated.

The “L” is hand made from mild steel plate, shaped and finished by grinding. It is set into a circle of steel which is cut from a section of steel pipe.


Detail of the “L” uncoated and set into the door frame










Sliding security bolts were incorporated into the frame for both doors to be secure and allow just one door to be opened. The bolts cannot be moved when both doors are closed


Detail of sliding security bolt.


Custom lock boxes were made to fit the frame.


Detail of the custom lock boxes


“L” was hand sprayed gold. Note: the inside door of the hall is temporary after recent flood damage.


Finished doors



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