Planter Boxes

This commission was for two planter boxes built to fit spaces on the balcony of a city apartment. The client wanted a vertical garden, as well as plant larger items, and they wanted something industrial looking. These two planters are built from a steel frame, clad with Corten steel, so is designed to rust on the surface. The framing is painted a dark brown to compliment the rust colour, the grid work is galvanised reinforcing mesh and is not painted. The frame is all welded, and the Corten is bonded to it with polyurethane adhesive – as I did not want to use visible fixings, or have weld marks on the cladding. I also incorporated a watering system that can be simply attached to a regular hose – for each planter there is a water pressure reducer and delivery pipes for the addition of specific dripper fittings. The top of the planter also has lift out mesh panels, which can be covered with mulch mat to prevent moisture loss in the summer. The photos here show the planter as delivered, shiny steel, and after a week with some of the rust setting in. As that time no plants had been added.








  1. Simon – the planter boxes exceeded our expectations. They are now covered in tomatoes and flowers on one side and flowering trees on the. Your fittings for the automatic watering system (which work perfectly) give us complete confidence to go on holidays and the planters will look after themselves.

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