Art Install – MONA 2011

Before MONA in Hobart, Tasmania was opened in 2011, I was asked by Thylacine to help with the install of Sidney Nolan’s  “Snake”. The collected piece is comprised of 1,620 individual paintings, grouped in blocks of 6 – each block in a brass frame. The works were hung on a purpose built wall which is curved in the middle, and to be positioned with less than 5mm tolerance between each frame – some of which were not exactly square as all are hand made. The first stage involved hanging 5 layers of support track on the 8m high walls, then each frame one after the other on two cables. We worked in two teams starting from the middle – 2 installers each working on scissor lift platforms – only one frame at a time was handled at a time (in gloves), handed up by curators, then installed on the wall. A centre line was established  and each frame was positioned in relation to the closest frame but also with a reference of the furthest away installed frame to maintain straightness using hand-held laser levels. The whole job took two weeks. The Snake was removed from exhibit at MONA in June 2013.

The following photographs provide an overview of the process and finished work.









Me with my install team partner



End of the job





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