Art Install

Installation of paintings in a private residence, Melbourne. A series of fairly large works installed in a two storey converted warehouse loft. The challenge with a few of the works was they had to be hung on the wall above the staircase – which itself was set away from the wall on a varying angle. The full height of the wall over the stair was around 5m. The main artwork is a dyptich which was to be mounted without a gap, and hanging on the D rings. I prefer to mount directly on D rings as with this close tolerance, as long as the layout is done carefully (always), the hang is precise and will not move over time. For access I had to make a platform which would lock into the stairs to allow a stable and level base for my ladder (which I also fit with soft ladder pads and socks to keep the walls clean). To ensure the works are all level, I project a self-levelling laser line oto the wall, then mark the drill points from there. I never mark walls directly – I use low tack painter’s tape and make my marks on that – that way the walls are always clean and free of any reference marks or indentations.




All the works are level to a common top line. A bit disconcerting is the ceiling follows the building roof line and is slightly sloped.


Working on the stairs, the ladder is on the platform I made specifically for the job. You can get a feel for the height of the walls from this angle. That is the front door of the loft at the bottom.



Top of the ladder showing the pads and very faintly the laser line



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