Sign Install – City of Melbourne


Sign Install – Kings Domain, Fern Gully, June 2013. Five in-ground signs for the “Grotto” , which is an interesting little site in Kings Domain, near Government house and the Botanical Gardens, Melbourne. The Grotto, originally a quarry,  is a series of waterfalls and features all built from stone, surrounded by trees and ferns. It looks like something from Lord of the Rings. These signs are at the top of each of the access stairs also built from stone, when wet they are very slippery. The signs provide a location, warn of the danger of slipping and advise entry from the lower, main access point. The signs are part of a major restoration of Fern Gully – freestanding on concrete rag-bolt footings, made from vitreous enamel printed steel from Glass Metal Industries.




Yes they are level



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