Sign Install – Darling Gardens


Darling Gardens Signs, City of Yarra. 2013.

Installation of of 6 signs made by Glass Metal Industries (GMI) for the City of Yarra.

Spel Design works directly with the client to determine precise locations, then excavates the ground to install a welded ragbolt frame in concrete, all excavated soil is disposed at a landfill. All digging is done manually to avoid any possible risk with encountering underground services. Even with a plan from service providers, these are often imprecise and irrigation is rarely documented. The ground in this particular location was especially hard and dense and is mostly dry clay, very difficult to dig manually. When the footing is complete the exposed bolts are then covered with soil to remove any exposure to hazards until the sign is delivered.

Some time later, the footing is exposed and prepared for delivery of the signs from GMI. The signs are levelled and bolted down firmly. The base of the signs, which sit approx 100mm below the surface – are then covered with topsoil and smoothed to match the surrounding area.

The sign pictured above is the main entry sign. It required two footings, one for each leg. These had to be precisely plotted and positioned to match the holes in the manufactured sign. This one was so big and heavy it had to be brought to the site on a crane truck and hoisted into place.

The following signs are based on a standard totem design.

Large in-ground sign with footing

Large in-ground sign with footing

Public Noticeboard sign

Public Noticeboard sign

Large in-ground sign

Large in-ground sign with footing




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