Planter Boxes

This commission was for two planter boxes built to fit spaces on the balcony of a city apartment. The client wanted a vertical garden, as well as plant larger items, and they wanted something industrial looking. These two planters are built from a steel frame, clad with Corten steel, so is designed to rust on […]

Barbeque Trailer

I was asked if I could build a custom barbeque trailer for the Carisbrook Lions Club. The club services a lot of local events, and needed a self contained trailer with everything on board. I suggested they purchase a ready-built but empty tradesman’s trailer, and would build something out of that. It was a good […]

Bowling Arm

This is a contraption used to assist the playing of indoor bias bowls. It allows the bowler to stand up fairly straight, and grip the ball in in a pincer like fashion in the rings, while allowing the easy release of the ball with a handle system which opens automatically under control by the player. […]


A pair of stools made to use the ends of some old wooden signs. The signs (about 20 years old) had been replaced and these were saved to use the graphic quality of the engraving in furniture. The wood was cleaned and coated with linseed oil to refresh the surface, which had dried out and […]

Palais – Awning Lightbox Repair

Palais Theatre, St Kilda, Victoria. The lightboxes at the front edge of the awning were totally rusted out. The acrylic panels were falling out and also did not line up to the the light tubes inside. The project involved re-creating track with exactly the same dimensions as the old rusty one. Off the shelf track […]

Security Doors

Design, manufacture and install of security doors for the Lion’s Club Hall in Carisbrook, Victoria. The brief was to make new security doors for the entrance of the hall. They were to be kept simple, but to incorporate a lock and handle – and if possible to have the lion’s Club “L” in the design. […]

Metal Wall – Warehouse Loft

Steel Plate Wall – Denver Colorado This is a backing for a free standing fireplace in a private residential loft, a converted warehouse. The steel plate is hot rolled, the patterns and colours are due to the pickling of the oils during the manufacturing process – they were carefully chosen for their colour and lack […]