A pair of stools made to use the ends of some old wooden signs. The signs (about 20 years old) had been replaced and these were saved to use the graphic quality of the engraving in furniture. The wood was cleaned and coated with linseed oil to refresh the surface, which had dried out and […]

Butchers Block

This is a steel framed butchers block built around an offcut of some wooden floor from an old bowling alley . The wood was squared up and sanded, finished with linseed oil. Steel frame is welded square tube and angle, with all external welds ground smooth. Finished in satin clear coat to leave the steel […]

Recycled Sign Shelves

Bookshelf made from a recycled sign from the St Kilda area. The top two wooden shelves are the wooden sign, which has been cleaned and treated with linseed oil – the paint finish in the old logo and lettering is original. The support frame is made from steel angle, welded with external welds ground smooth. […]

Conference Table

Design and manufacturing of custom conference table for D3 Agency in Denver, Colorado USA. Media/Materials: Hot rolled steel, plate glass. Steel texture is raw and clearcoated. Glass is beveled and toughened. All components are bolted together so it can be disassembled.