Sign Install – Darling Gardens

Darling Gardens Signs, City of Yarra. 2013. Installation of of 6 signs made by Glass Metal Industries (GMI) for the City of Yarra. Spel Design works directly with the client to determine precise locations, then excavates the ground to install a welded ragbolt frame in concrete, all excavated soil is disposed at a landfill. All […]

Sign Install – Gasworks Arts Park

Gasworks Arts Park Signs – City of Port Phillip 2012. Installation of a series of signs for the park. This is a park crated from an old industrial site and is surrounded by brick walls on three sides. The signs are made by Glass Metal Industries and are all vitreous enamel on steel. They range […]

Sign Install – Manningham

City of Manningham, Reserve Signs. May 2013 One of the latest in a series of 7 signs made by Glass Metal Industries. The one pictured above is 2.2 metres tall, and is bolted into place onto a concrete footing I installed previously. The sign is made from steel with a vitreous enamel coating incorporating all […]